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Episode 30 - The Last American Virgin (1982)

Episode 30 - The Last American Virgin (1982)


The Last American Virgin is probably one of the best movies Cannon films has ever produced. A company not known for it's quality is responsible for creating a film which showcases the fun and carefree nature of adolescence before switching into a completely different movie in which real world consequences smack you in the face. 

It might be because this movie is not an original idea. In fact, this movie is actually a remake of an Israeli film called Lemon Popsicle - which was written and directed by the writer and director of this film: Boaz Davidson. Lemon Popsicle was a massive hit in Israel - the country where the producers of Cannon films are from and it spawned eight sequels. This was planned as the first in a hopeful series of films to be titled, "The Last American...". But it simply didn't work out that way.

This movie came out after Porkys (1981) and before Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982) but was unable to find a similar audience. It wasn't a box office success despite appealing the same crowd and featuring a soundtrack littered with popular hits. Why that is might have to do with the movie itself and less with it's audience.

The Last American Virgin is not a bad movie. It's actually a pretty good movie. What's wrong with it is that it deals with real life consequences in a way that most teenagers probably wouldn't want to see. For every sexual escapade and laugh there is a stark moment of reality that shows not everything in a teenager's life is carefree and without consequence. 

If you haven't seen the movie I won't spoil anything for you here but I do recommend watching it as it's a great example of what coming of age movies should aspire to be. While funny, it also deals with the reality of friendships, love, and jealousy in a way that almost no other movie has. It has some moments that are truly hard to watch but are honest and sincere.

Check this one out, it's not your typical sex comedy - and sometimes that's a good thing.


The Kiss (1988)

Director: Pen Densham

Writers: Tom Ropelewski, Stephen Volk

Stars: Joanna Pacula, Meredith Salenger, Mimi Kuzyk

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