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Welcome to the official site for The Grindbin Podcast - your resource for exploitation and grindhouse films.

Episode 00 - Welcome to The Grindbin

Episode 00 - Welcome to The Grindbin

Hello and Welcome to the first episode of our new project, The Grindbin Podcast. 


On this podcast, your hosts Mike Wood and Chris Mann dig into the world of exploitation and grindhouse films in order to bring new life to dead cinema. 

We will be examining movies mainly from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's and sometimes more recent fare in an attempt to showcase some of the best of the best when it comes to "trash cinema".

Most of these movies were made on shoestring budgets with insanely short production schedules and it's amazing that any of them even made it into the theater. The production values of the films range from decent to downright awful but they all have one thing in common: they are completely fascinating.

Many of the films we cover as considered simple "sex romps" or teenage comedies but none of them are anything close to what you see in today's films. Some of them feature complex undertones and story arcs from overambitious directors, others feature character choices so bizarre you're left scratching your head wondering this these films were created in  a parallel universe. 

If you're a fan of these type of movies then you know exactly what to expect from these films. If this is your first introduction into the world of grindhouse cinema and exploitation movies you really are in for a treat. We can guarantee that many of the movies we will discuss on the podcast will provide you with something you have never seen or heard before. Keeping this in mind, we ask that you keep an open mind and remember when and how these movies were created. Sometimes they can be racist or crude, other times brutally violent, but we are examining these films for their place in history and discussing them within the context of the world they were created in. 

Thanks for joining us on our journey through the absurd. We would love to hear all of your comments and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 


I'm very pleased to present our first film on the podcast, The Van. This was my introduction to grindhouse/exploitation cinema and I think it's still one of the greatest "bad" movies ever made. 

The Van (1977)

Directed by: Sam Grossman

Written by: Robert J. Rosenthal, Celia Susan Cotelo

Starring: Stuart Goetz, Debroah White, Danny Devito

Where you can watch it: FREE with Amazon Prime. 

Episode 01 - The Van (1977)

Episode 01 - The Van (1977)