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Episode 04 - Chatterbox! (1977)

Episode 04 - Chatterbox! (1977)


The best way to describe Chatterbox! (1977) is a punchline stretched out into a 73 minute movie. Almost as if a joke in a Hollywood party was inexplicably turned into a motion picture and produced by MGM. This is a true anamoly of cinema and it's something that might have been better off burried and forgotton forever.

Penelope (or Penny) is just a normal girl who works at a hair salon and dates a banker who treates her like crap. For no reason whatsoever, her vagina decides to start talking and singing and from there the hijinks begin. 

When Penelope seeks professional help for her problem things get out of control. Instead of trying to fix her problem, Dr. Pearl tells Penny to embrace Virginia and convinces her to be some sort of frankentstein-monster experiment. 

Virginia (the box) gets on the fast track to fame and stardom much to the chagrin of her female host. They start making TV appearances, singing the national anthem at baseball games and selling out venues all over the world. Despite all the success however, Penelope isn't happy and would rather live her life without this singing snatch. What's a girl to do?

Did I mention it has this guy in it?

Despite being in only five minutes of the movie, Rip Taylor definitely steals the show. It's like they let the camera roll and said, "Let er rip!".

However, my personal favorite character is the boom mic - which appears around a dozen or so times throughout the movie. This will give you a good idea of the production values of the film. What do you think Rip?

So listen to the podcast, watch the movie, and see for yourself what a true abomination of cinema looks like. 



Directed By: Danny Steinmann

Starring: Linda Blair, John Vernon, Robert Dryer, and Linda Blair's Hair

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