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Episode 07 - My Tutor (1983)

Episode 07 - My Tutor (1983)


My Tutor (1983) is just another attempt by our old friends over at Crown International to capitalize on an idea they stole from someone else. In this case it was probably Private Lesson (1981)  but instead of a housekeeper the seductress is a Tutor. However, this is no ordinary Crown picture, it's the MOST successful film in their entire catalog.

FACT: This movie made over $22 million in the box office in 1983. It beat out much more popular movies like "The Right Stuff" "Cujo" "Christine" and even "Valley Girl". Yes, My Tutor was a hit and enabled Crown to make a few more original productions before eventually folding into obscurity. This graphic has never been more relevant:

The best description of My Tutor is found on it's IMDB page:

A rich father hires a tutor for his son. The son is a horny teenager and the tutor is a gorgeous blonde. Complications ensue.

It's almost as if that was the original script for the movie and Crown just cut a check to however was sitting in front of them. 

What makes this movie great in the inclusion of Crispin Glover. He truly does steal the show and it's obvious why he went on to much better films. He has never referenced this movie by name in any recent interviews (with good reason) but he is the pinnacle of the horny teenager in this film. And he dresses like "Dorf Goes Golfing" for the whole thing; which is nice. 

The movie is one of the best examples of the teen sexploitation genre, it is a lot like The Van (1977) of the 1980s. It exists in it's own parallel universe where societal norms and decency laws simply don't exist. And it also ends with a heel click.

No joke, that is the last shot of the movie. 

I highly recommend watching this film. It truly is a special type of trash that should be enjoyed for what it is. It's highly offensive by today's standards and one of the actors currently lives in a tepee of the coast in Malibu, CA (I'm not kidding).

I'll leave you with the trailer:


Dangerous Men (2015?)

Director, Writer, Producer, Songwriter: John S. Rad

This movie has an insane origin story but was recently resurrected from the dead by the good people at Drafthouse FIlms.  Believe it or not, I have a personal story about this film and the director. Drafthouse has their own trailer cut for the film but I prefer the original:

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