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Episode 10 - Blood Diner (1987)

Episode 10 - Blood Diner (1987)


Blood Diner is one of those rare movies that succeeds by being bad on purpose. Typically these movies (Birdemic 2, Sci-Fi Original movies, etc.) don't come across as genuine and create a false sense of so-bad-it's-good. Bad movies that we remember and talk about are never made to be bad on purpose, they are earnest attempts by filmmakers who simply won't back down in the face of people telling them they are insane. These are the true gems of trash cinema and Blood Diner somehow crosses over this line.

The Director, Jackie Kong, was certainly aware of what she was making but the final product is so bizzare and disjointed from reality that you can't help but laugh. Most of the dialogue (if not all) seems completely re-dubbed in the ADR booth. Exposition is haphazardly fired off by characters (onscreen and off) talking almost in fast forward. This movie is simply one of the most bizzare spectales you will ever witness.

Even the trailer is amazing:

I first came across this film in the bargain bin at a local Hollywood Video back in the early 2000's. I was intrigued by the cover and for $2 I could hardly go wrong. What I saw literally changed my life forever, I had no clue movies like this could exist. You could say this was my informal introduction into the world of alternative/cult films. 

The movie is about two brothers who open a health food restuarant and feed the flesh of dead prostitutes to their customers. They are collecting the body parts from various women of the night to build a goddess named Shitar. Where do they get the idea for this? From their dead uncle's brain they exumed and put in a jar. If this sounds insane, it's because it is.

The background of the film is just as insane as the film itself. It's filled with tales of homeless and drug adict extras, hours spent on simple dialogue scenes, and even the death of one of the lead actors. We delve into the extensive backstory of this film, how it got made and the aftermath in the podcast episode. 

I highly recommend watching this film for yourself. It's a true enigma of cinema and something that shouldn't be missed. If you love bad movies, you'll love this movie. It's a true special kind of bad that simply can't be recreated.


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