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Episode 27 - Policewomen (1974)

Episode 27 - Policewomen (1974)


Here we are, back with our old friend

Policewomen is of course, a Crown International Picture and around these parts we know that Crown International is synonymous with quality - obviously this movie is no exception.

Lacy Bond is a female cop working for the prison system who wants nothing more than to start hitting the beat and catching real criminals. She gets her wish when she carelessly starts a jailbreak and single-handily stops a fleeing criminal. Instead of being fired for her misconduct, Lacy is given a promotion and the chance to go undercover to stop a bizarre crime ring run by an old woman and her young man-servant.

Believe it or not, we actually have a Crown film from 1974 that has a three act structure and a real plot - complete with a second-act twist! 

The movie falls into the category that Crown had exploited numerous times throughout the 70's and 80's - a woman trying to break her way into a man's world. The problem is, as it always is with their films, the women are treated like sex objects and told they simply don't belong. They fight their way through adversity only to be constantly reminded that they are great at what they do; great for a girl!

However I have to give Crown credit on this one, Lacy Bond is a strong character that kicks-ass and doesn't let anything stand in her way. She is almost too aggressive and not only doesn't run from a fight but actively instigates them. In that way she is like a female Charles Bronson - only without the racism. 

This really is a hidden gem in the Crown International library. It's very enjoyable, it doesn't drag, it has great fight scenes, the music is bizarre, and of course it has lots and lots of back in a terribly awkward sex scene. There are plenty of stinkers in the Crown catalog but Policewomen is not one of them.


The Roommates (1973)

Director: Arthur Marks

Stars: Marki Bey, Pat Woodell, Roberta Collins



Episode 28 - The Roommates (1973)

Episode 28 - The Roommates (1973)

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