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105 - Future-Kill (1985)

105 - Future-Kill (1985)


Future-Kill is a movie that was made, seen, and talked about for one single reason, the poster.

Just how HR. Giger got involved with the production is debatable but the bottom line is, he is the only reason this film ever got completed and released.


Future-Kill is a perfect example of someone’s first film and one that they refused to take any criticism for. Exposition is expounded without a care in the world for subtext, scenes simply start and end without advancing the plot or characters, and the whole movie decides it wants to be something completely different about 30 minutes into the runtime.

The first act of this movie lives in the world of Porky’s, Revenge of The Nerds or Animal House. It’s a frat comedy that features gags with blow-up dolls, hot dog eating, and of course, tar and feathering. Then we get into the rest of the movie.


The last two thirds of Future-Kill devolve into a typical slasher movie with lots of running around dark hallways and streets with little to no action. The world changes from college frat houses to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where androids and mutants exist. If this sounds like it doesn’t make sense, it’s because it doesn’t.

Anyway, that poster is pretty great right?

104 - Robotrix (1991)

104 - Robotrix (1991)