Death Smiles on a Murderer (1973)

DEATH SMILES has everything you'd want in a gothic/giallo hybrid. The 1906 Austria setting means the scenery and costuming are beautifully lavish, but at the same time you get all of the weird angles, quick zooms and in-your-face brutality that give 70s Italian horror its distinct voice. Sorta like if Downton Abbey had eye trauma.

Coonskin (1975) - Minstrelsy 101

The uncomfortable, misguided but powerful film, COONSKIN, opens with Scatman Crothers singing his heart out while attacking a defenseless ukulele. At first listen this song sounds…well, racist. It is racist. It’s a minstrel song. The more I listen to it, the more I realize that the lyrics are 1) smarter than they appear and 2) tell the story of the African-American experience, more specifically the way blacks are represented in film. Bakshi did his research, he wrote a true red, white, and blue 19th century minstrel song, or parody of a minstrel song in this case.

Karate Kill

Karate Kill is the new film that will have its US release July 18th and is the newest film from director/writer Kurando Mitsukake.  If you've browsed netflix in the last few years you may have seen another one of his films, Gun Woman.

PLAN 9 ( 2015)

Every one knows about the the infamous ED Wood film Plan 9. Even if you have not seen the film itself, you may have seen a fictionalized story about the making of it in the film Ed Wood. Yes its regarded as awful and one of the "so bad it's good" films that people still talk about.  Irrespective of its quality and merit, it does have sticking around power and nothing proves that more than a remake.

Film Review: Turbo Kid 2015

The look and aesthetic of the 1980's have came back in a big way recently. Not that I'm complaining. We have gotten a lot of films lately that are a throw back to the greatest decade. Some of it's really well done, like the movie being discussed this time or Stranger Things.